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[802SEC] P802.3Rev and P802.1AX PAR comments --CORRECTED

It looks like the rich text didn't make it through, so the below text
does not contain the deletions that without strikeout make things read
very bad.  --Bob



I have received no EC/WG comments on P802.3Rev or P802.1AX PARs.  

IEEE Std 802.3-2005 has no scope statement.  Because the scope statement
on the P802.3REV PAR will have to be added to the standard under new
IEEE-SA policies.  Some wordsmithing of the scope statement has been
proposed by our maintenance task force for 802.3 consideration on
Thursday afternoon.  The amended proposed scope reads:

This standard defines Ethernet local area, access and metropolitan area
networks. Ethernet is specified at selected speeds of operation; and
uses a common media access control (MAC) specification and management
information base (MIB). The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision
Detection (CSMA/CD) MAC protocol specifies shared medium (half duplex)
operation, as well as full duplex operation. Speed specific Media
Independent Interfaces (MIIs) provide an architectural and optional
implementation interface to selected physical layer entities (PHY). The
physical layer encodes frames for transmission and decodes received
frames with the modulation specified for the speed of operation,
transmission medium and supported link length. Other specified
capabilities include: control and management protocols, and the
provision of power over selected twisted pair PHY types.

--Bob Grow

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