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[802SEC] Expected EC motion on ITU-R liaison statement

Dear EC colleagues,

This is to inform you that I expect to be initiating, within the next
few days, a ten-day EC email ballot to approve a liaison statement to
ITU-R. This liaison is in response to two liaison statements received 6
June from ITU-R WP8F. Those liaisons informed IEEE that WP8F has drafted
revisions to ITU-R Recommendation M.1457 that would add a sixth
terrestrial radio interface based on IEEE 802.16 to IMT-2000. ITU-R has
asked for IEEE's assent to the results. All of this is a result of our
November, 2006 plenary having submitted an input to WP8F that proposed
adding the IEEE Std 802.16 to the ITU-R definition of "IMT-2000". I have
attached the two liaisons from WP8F.

 <<593final.doc>>  <<594v2final.doc>> 

The ITU has issued a press release on the outcome

In my role as the IEEE SA liaison to ITU-R I attended the WP 8F meeting
of 23-31 May in Kyoto, where the revised draft recommendation was
developed. There was very strong international support for this new
radio interface with many administrations submitting supportive
statements and advocating for adoption of the new sixth radio interface
as soon as possible.

The WP 8F draft new recommendation will go to ITU-R Study Group 8 for
consideration at their 25-26 June meeting in Geneva. The liaison
statements suggest a response from IEEE by 18 June. However, contact
with ITU-R staff has indicated that a response by 21 June will be

The IEEE 802.16 Working Group is currently conducting a 15-day WG letter
ballot, closing on 21 June, regarding a draft response to ITU- R. You
can see the details here:

That page includes a link to the proposed response to the ITU-R

Links to the three draft recommendations are also available on that
page. Due to ITU restrictions, these materials are protected by the
802.16 WG username and password. They will provided to EC members upon

The RR-TAG will also review the liaison response. Due to the time
constraints I will be adding this to the agenda of the already scheduled
12 June conference call.

I would prefer to hold the EC ballot after the 802.16 ballot closes.
However, due to the required response date to ITU-R that is not
possible. Hence I intend to ask for the EC ballot to take place during
the 802.16 ballot. In order to be certain that the motion does not
proceed without 802.16 support it will be conditional upon approval of
the liaison statement by the 802.16 WG. It should be noted that as of
this morning (Friday, 8 June) the 802.16 ballot results were 129/1/4
with a return ration of over 50%.



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