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Re: [802SEC] Responses on venue for March 2009 - Please VOTE Now !!!

Now that the SASB meetings are over and I've had a chance to review the
backlog of EC traffic, I'd like to clarify a couple things.

1.  IEEE 802.3 with only one exception in its history does not hold
interim meetings.  The study groups and task forces of 802.3 hold
interim meetings.  Traditionally, those meetings were hosted, and
recently we have been getting back to that. 

2.  On some TF/SG meetings, we do not have a room block and leave
everyone on their own.  (Usually single TF meetings.)  This is done to
reduce the risk to the host.

3.  Contrary to speculation, this months Seoul meeting did not include a
surcharge dependent on where one stays.  The host offered two hotels,
with the second 25% less than the meeting hotel.

4.  We have in limited cases levied a surcharge for those not staying in
the meeting hotel.  The factor do include encouragement to get people to
support the general meeting logistics, but when levied as I recall have
also been appropriate to cover meeting costs (meeting costs bundled into
the room rate).  If someone gets a room outside the room block, it isn't
right for them to not pay their fair share of AV, electrical and F&B.
Their ain't no such thing as a free cookie! ;-)  Many attendees realize
that at least for US meetings, the meeting rooms are free because people
stay in the room block; others are either oblivious to this fact or
knowing this rationalize staying elsewhere.

5.  On behalf of 802.3 I would like to thank Pat for attempting to
clarify the record regarding the London meeting.  Buzz, you flat out
were wrong on the facts independent of what you had in mind when signing
the London contract.  My support of the London meeting was personal, not
a WG commitment (as Pat's reference shows).  Thanks to Buzz for letting
participants get their opinions in before an EC vote this time.

6.  I do not believe any WG would have any viable alternative course if
Rome is chosen for the March 2009 plenary.  I believe the rules are
clear the only way to get plenary attendance credit is to meet with the
rest of LMSC.  There are punitive actions that could be taken, and I
believe carefully chosen ones would be relatively safe in appeal.  The
concern of WG not participating if Rome is chosen as the site are I
believe overblown (as others have also expressed).

7.  I'm currently running an 802.3 poll on Rome/Vancouver and will soon
report its results to the EC.

--Bob Grow

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