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Re: [802SEC] Why Buzz

Hey Matt,  I work with those IEEE folks all the time and we share lots
of info on better-than-average venues.  When I showed them our specs and
told them what we were looking for, their response was basically "Rotsa
Ruck, Joe !!!"  They do lots of International Conferences that need a
few big rooms, an exhibit hall, little or no break-outs, and last for
2-3 days.  Their typical attendee fees for these are $1500-$2500/person
and that does not include hotels or transportation.  And that's on top
of all the revenue they get from their exhibitors, and with no hosted
F&B.  Does that sound like what you think we want to do for our
attendees ???  You should stick to your IETF model; that's at least
close and the only major differences are they totally rely on hosting
organizations for their nNA venues and they need a lot less break-outs
than we do.  That's what we've learned in our 3 years of looking hard
for various nNA options.  

I am in touch with my counterpart at IETF (Ray Pelletier) and have been
for the last 3 years.  We have shared a lot of experiences and we are
currently working on a plan to find a nNA venue where we could do
back-to-back IETF and IEEE-802 meeting weeks, so that folks that want to
could do both meetings with just one trip, and we could share costs of
services over the two-week spread so we get to split one set-up &
tear-down fee, and minimum Internet bandwidth charges are usually
monthly fees so we get to split that too (if it is not hosted as it
usually is for IETF).  That's just one more plan under consideration.  

Also I should like to remind you that Paul Nikolich had already
appointed Bob Heile to be our nNA venue specialist, charged with finding
us some affordable nNA venues because I didn't have enough time and
travel budget to do the job properly.  I've only stepped back in lately
because nothing was happening after the groups totally vetoed Bob's plan
to go to Sydney, Australia for March 2009 because we have "been there
and done that".  

Also if you'll remember we had an arrangement with Mary Russell of
Hamilton Group Meeting Planners (HGMP) to find us some nNA venues for
our January 2007 802-hosted Interim.  After a year and a half we came
out with exactly 1 venue (the London Metropole, which we already knew
about) and the cost for that service was $75K plus the $25K we paid in
penalties, so another $100K down the pooper for a site that nobody
liked.  And Mary Russell has great credentials for nNA venues, but as
she says we are either too big or too poor to be able to do this on our
own.  We need some hosting organizations to get better (more affordable)

So with Roger's proposal I think we are finally on the right track, but
you have to at least give it a chance to work.  If I have to spend all
my bandwidth on refuting all these personal attacks we really are never
going to get there.  So how about providing some positive support for
Roger's Plan and let's knock off all of this uninformed second-guessing
???    It's really not helping; it's just another diversion from what we
really need to be doing: finding some viable hosts with viable and
affordable venues.  That's where we need the help !!!  Are you up for it
???  I hope so !!!      :-)  

Thanx,  Buzz
Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
Boeing IT
PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
Seattle, WA  98124-2207
Ph: (425) 373-8960    Fx: (425) 865-7960
Cell: (425) 417-1022

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From: Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA)
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 4:10 PM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] Why Buzz

Another approach to getting assistance for Buzz is to go to IEEE.

I think they have staff that specializes in setting up meeting venues.
I'm not sure how cost effective that is but it is another possibility.


Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Engineering Fellow 
BAE Systems -  Network Systems (NS) 
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Subject: [802SEC] Why Buzz

I don't understand why Buzz has been having to do the work on meeting
logistics. Isn't this part of what we pay FTF to do? If it is, let's let
them do their job. Or, if it isn't, why isn't it? Wouldn't it make sense
to pay to have this done for us by professionals instead of either
dumping the load on Buzz or having all of us amateurs try to quickly
learn the business of huge meeting booking?

If making large nNA meeting arrangements is beyond the expertise of FTF,
maybe we could issue a separate contract for booking these, or maybe FTF
could subcontract this out to arrangers in Europe and Asia? I'd rather
the latter, as I'd prefer to have a consistent point of contact for us.
And I'd hate to lose all the expertise that FTF has about what we need
and desire.


On 12/3/2007 6:04 AM, Tony Jeffree wrote:
> I repeat, I would like for *us all* to truly focus on the problem.
> Buzz is a volunteer, just like the rest of us; this isn't his only
> job. And there is a limit to what one person can do in a situation
> where we are attempting to do something that is new for the
> organisation and may not necessarily conform to the way business is
> routinely done in NA. He doesn't need us making more rods for his
> back; what he needs is practical help and support. Lets start doing
> Regards,
> Tony

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