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[802SEC] Need to verify SA membership for 802 EC chairs.

Dear 802 EC members.

Our P&P says:

"All members of the LMSC Sponsor shall be members or affiliates of the
IEEE-SA and either the IEEE or the IEEE Computer Society."

In order to confirm this, I will be sending a list of names of the LMSC
Sponsor to the IEEE to get a yes or no that the individual is currently
and SA member and either the IEEE or the IEEE Computer Society.

While some groups have not had elections, I expect that nominations have
closed.  Therefore, I request that the current WG Chairs check the
following list and if it is not correct, send to me either a) the name
of the individual elected as WG Chair or b) the names of the
individual(s) who have been nominated for election to the WG Chair
position. I already have the names for the 802 Officers.

802.1 Chair	Tony	Jeffree
802.3 Chair	David	Law
802.11 Chair	Bruce	Kraemer
802.15 Chair	Bob	Heile
802.16 Chair	Roger	Marks
802.17 Chair	John	Lemon
802.18 Chair	Mike	Lynch
802.19 Chair	Steve	Shellhammer
802.20 Chair	Mark	Klerer
802.21 Chair	Subir	Das
802.22 Chair		


James Gilb
IEEE 802 LMSC Recording Secretary

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