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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802.11p press release for review

Sorry to be so blunt, but I find this release embarrassingly bad.

1.  Grammar with the edits is now bad on the first line (delete "the").

2.  I find the summary lines strange.  Why is the first sentence in title case?  If it is a title, it doesn't need a period, and if a sentence it shouldn't have virtually everything capitalized.  The second sentence is redundant with the first and again, why the title case?

3.  Second line of body -- Needs an Std in the document identification (and if this was ratified in 2009, why is a release only now going out?  I believe it was on the June SASB agenda and therefore should be "IEEE Std 802.11p-2010".

4.  Is capitalization of the standard name correct?  Not according to what is on the SASB consent agenda from RevCom.

5.  Second paragraph of body -- If the amendment allows the base standard to be used in vehicular environments, I don't want to be on the same road with that distracted driver.  (Yes I am being too sarcastic.)  Would be better stated as it allow 802.11 technology to be applied in vehicular environments.

6.  That higher layer protocols are outside the scope of 802.11 isn't newsworthy.  Restate the last two sentences in a more positive way:  ???? "The MAC changes are designed to support the higher layer protocols that are defined for the vehicular environment the set of IEEE 1609(tm) standards."


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Attached please find the press release for IEEE 802.11p and please add 
this to Friday's Closing EC Agenda to be voted on. Thanks 


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