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Re: [802SEC] MyBallot and MyProject improvements

Here are a few items to start things off:

From b) of the Standard Board Operations manual states:

Balloters who vote Do Not Approve (Negative with comment) shall be permitted to differentiate those comments that caused their negative vote from other comments that they may wish to submit. Any comments that are explicitly identified not to be part of the negative vote shall be treated as Approve (Affirmative) comments. [emphasis mine]

However, in  MyBallot, when one clicks "Show only disapproval vote comments", it shows all of the comments from a voter who voted disapprove regardless of the entry in Must Be Satisfied field. This is very detrimental to the process of ensuring that disapprove vote comments get proper consideration by balloters on recirculation ballots. There are some voters who have submitted a large number of comments that are on more minor issues that are not part of their disapprove vote. This has the effect of hiding the comments that have the real open issues. It is contrary to the text of b) as it doesn't treat those comments as Approve (Affirmative) comments. Therefore, I classify this a significant bug and not a request for feature enhancement.

When preparing for RevCom submission or reviewing a RevCom submission, MyBallot does not do the things that a computer tool should do to make things easy to review. There is no method to see the list of remaining comments that are associated with disapprove votes in one search. The comments are only available by looking at the initial ballot and each recirculation individually. When looking at comments from earlier recirculations, comments from voters who have since approved the ballot are mixed in (as are all the comments with Must Be Satisfied set to No). There should be an easy mechanism provided to see a consolidated set of Must Be Satisfied comments from the remaining disapprove voters on the ballot and all recirculations.

Ideally, there would also be a mechanism provided for a voter who isn't completely satisfied but has been satisfied on some comments to mark those comments as satisfied.  Again, this would help focus voters and reviewers on the comments that are unsatisfied and remove the chaff from that review.

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Dear Colleagues,

I'm working on my action item to compile a list of My Ballot and MyProject issues and feature improvements.

Please send me any items that you have.




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