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[802SEC] on-line schedules for Atlanta session

Dear EC,

I have been developing software for planning and scheduling multi-group sessions and meetings. In order to exercise the software, I have entered the data for the Atlanta IEEE 802 Plenary, as best as I know it. The resulting database is available on the Internet, and the information might be useful to you and your participants. If you are willing to take a look at it, I would very much appreciate any feedback on how to improve the data and the presentation, as well as on the content. At the same time, you are welcome to make use of the tools as you wish. I think they would be quite useful to the participants.

All of the information is available at:
where you can find:

(1) A tool to search all of the session breakouts, with the results presented in a table. You can specify which breakouts, as well as which breakout fields, are of interest to you. The breakout table is sortable by clicking in the column headers. Each breakout has a link to a page showing the full details of the breakout, including time, location, facilities, etc. You have the option to display only meetings currently in progress. [For illustrative purposes, you can try it out this week and it will match meetings scheduled for one week from now.]

(2) Links to calendar web pages showing the schedules of each WG, color-coded by subgroup. These calendar pages are dynamic; you can, for example, look at a single day, or a subset of the subgroups. The calendar events indicate the WG, the subject, the room, and the subgroup URL.

(3) Links you can use to subscribe your own personal calendar (on your PC or mobile, for instance) to the group calendars (either by whole WG or by subgroup). This will allow live updating, and you can, of course, set your own alarms, etc.

Ideally, this system will be driven from a master database, so that all the info would be instantaneously up to date. However, I'm working from a static copy, so the accuracy is not certain.

The intent of the Sessii™ scheduling tool I've developed is for each active group to develop and control its own session plans. I would happy to work with any of you and provide demo software to give you that control. Because I developed the current demonstration on my own, I made choices about how to describe the working groups, their subgroups (including chairs, URLs), their calendars, etc. These are based on my best understanding, but I'm sure that you would do it differently. Let me know and I'll be glad to help with any adjustments. I'm also happy to export formats that you might need (such as a PDF session graphic or an IMAT csv breakout table). I'm also happy to demonstrate the Sessii tool for you in Atlanta or via web conference. It has many capabilities designed to make session planning easier, faster, more effective, and more reliable. 



Roger B. Marks <>
Consensii LLC <>

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