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[802SEC] Comments on 802.15.10 PAR

Bob and Pat,


               IEEE 802.19 reviewed the 802.15.10 PAR and we would like to provide the following comments on the PAR,


2.1 Title

Change “dynamically changing wireless networks” to “dynamically changing wireless personal area networks”


5.2 Scope

The scope says that this recommended practice “extends wireless networks.”  It is not clear what is meant by “extend” in this phrase.  Is the distance extended?  Would the word “enhance” be a better word than “extend” in this scope?


When you say that the network is “dynamically changing” are you saying that the network connections are changing due to mobility?  Please explain what is meant by “dynamically changing networks” in Section 8.1, Additional Explanatory Notes.


We suggest changing “This recommended practice will facilitate the routing of packets …” to “This recommended practice will provide recommendations on the routing of packets …”


5.5 Need for the Project

Please add an explanation in Section 8.1 on what is a “Field Area Network”




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