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[802SEC] Network

Good Morning Gentlepeople,
Please ask all of your chairs to make an announcement at the beginning of their meetings to remind our attendees NOT to synchronize documents with Mentor while attending 802 meetings. Both Mentor (IEEE 802 document server) and IMAT (IEEE 802 attendance server) reside on the same server cluster back at the IEEE headquarters in NJ.  Many people attempting to synchronize their local document files with directly with Mentor can easily consume our limited amount of Internet bandwidth. The combination of everyone simultaneously attempting to sign attendance on IMAT and synchronize large numbers of files on Mentor can have a devastating effect on network performance and connectivity.

We provide a local document server named Griffin at every session that is fully synchronized with Mentor. Links to the document server and attendance system can be found at I strongly recommend that all attendees create a bookmark for this link.

If everyone synchronizes their documents with our local server (Griffin) instead of Mentor everyone will have a much better network experience at our meetings.


Rick Alfvin
VP Network Services

Verilan, Inc.
7327 SW Barnes Rd. #215
Portland, OR  97225
Mobile: +1 (585) 781-0952
Skype: ralfvin.verilan

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