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[802SEC] Geneva Venue Approval Motoin

Hello EC Members
Clint has indicated he could not find the Official record of a motion
for approving our being in Geneva.

That being said, I thought I had remembered a motion that had been done.
What we have are a series of related motions and strawpolls that were
for the MOU with ITU, approving the Site visits etc.  We have a lot of
presentations and discussions during the mid-week EC meetings and on
our Interim Calls, but no specific Approve Geneva as a venue.

Therefore, I would like to add to the Closing EC meeting a Consent Agenda Item:

Motion to approve Geneva Switzerland for the July 2013 IEEE 802 Plenary.
Moved: Jon Rosdahl
2nd Bruce Kramer

This provides Clint with the authority to pay our bills.
There is no reason to take any of our time on Friday for this motion.
Thank you and regards,

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