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[802SEC] 802.22 Revision PAR and New 5C Attached

Dear All.
Please find attached, the IEEE Std. 802.22-2011 Revision PAR and the New 5C.
Link to the PAR -
Link to the 5C -
We have been having a discussion on this since the last meeting in November.
We received several constructive suggestions and comments. Those were addressed and resolved.
I had meeting with several Chairs during the January interim meeting in Los Angeles.
Out of all the discussions, I received one more comment from the 802.16 Working Group which I noticed after our Closing Plenary. We have captured this comment, and we will address and resolve it prior to the March 19th Wednesday 5 pm Local Time deadline.
The presentations containing comments from various groups on this PAR/ 5C and their resolutions can be found in the following document:
From: Mody, Apurva (US SSA)
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 2:28 AM
Subject: 802.22 Closing EC Motions Package
Dear All,
Please find attached, the 802.22 WG EC Closing Motions Package. It can also be found at:
We plan to make three motions:
1. Approval of the Spectrum Occupancy Sensing (SOS) Study Group. Read-ahead slides were sent out earlier today.
2. Forward P802.22a (Amendment on MIBs and Management Plane Procedures) to the IEEE SA RevCom.
3. Approval of the 802.22 Revision PAR.
We have noted new comments from 802.11 WG. We appreciate the new comments and we have accepted most of these new comments. We also appreciate a remedy that has been suggested to the scope that may be acceptable.
The revised PAR form based on these new comments has been attached. Please let us know if there are any further comments or questions.
Looking forward to tomorrow’ s EC meeting.
Dr. Apurva N. Mody,
Chair, IEEE 802.22 Working Group
Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRAN)
Mobile: (404)819-0314
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Attachment: pdfyNg78vpDBD.pdf
Description: 22-13-0138-05-dot22-revision-PAR-submitted-to-EC_corrected_rebuttal_redlined.pdf

Attachment: 22-13-0156-01-P802-22-Revision-PAR-5C-Nov-2013.pdf
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Description: 22-13-0138-06-dot22-revision-PAR-submitted-to-EC_corrected_rebuttal_redlined.pdf

Attachment: 22-13-0156-03-P802-22-Revision-PAR-new5C-Nov-2013.pdf
Description: 22-13-0156-03-P802-22-Revision-PAR-new5C-Nov-2013.pdf