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[802SEC] IEEE P802.3bv draft PAR and CSD response - Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fiber

Dear EC members,

In support of subclause 10.2 'IEEE 802 LMSC Approval' of the LMSC Operations Manual please find below the required information in respect to the IEEE P802.3bv Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 1000 Mb/s Operation Over Plastic Optical Fiber PAR for consideration at the November 2014 plenary.

You may recall that the IEEE P802.3bv PAR, and supporting CSD, were submitted for approval at the July IEEE 802 plenary meeting. The CSD however did not gain approval of the IEEE 802.3 Working Group meeting and due to that I removed PAR and CSD from the IEEE 802 LMSC July closing Executive Committee agenda and the PAR from the August IEEE-SA NesCom agenda. As a result the IEEE 802.3 1000 Mb/s Operation Over Plastic Optical Fiber Stud Group have now updated the draft IEEE P802.3bv PAR and CSD. The PAR is little changed from the one sumitted to you in July, with a sentence added to item 8.1 in response to a IEEE 802.11 comment received in July suggesting that the acronym VDE be expanded. The CSD document provided is change marked for review convince, these changes were made in response to comments received in July from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group and from IEEE 802.3 participants.

Best regards,

[1] Draft PAR and CSD responses:

Draft PAR: <>
CSD responses: <>

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

Plastic optical fiber (POF) provides distinct advantages in applications where long link length is not a requirement; and where ease of installation is important (e.g., home networking). POF requires virtually no installation training and only simple tools to 1terminate. POF is also used in harsh environments (e.g., industrial and automotive networking) where its robustness provide significant advantages. Automotive and industrial networks are migrating toward using Ethernet, so maintaining POF as a medium option is a requirement for many manufacturers. POF's non-conductive cable construction and noise immunity increase installation options and the application space for Ethernet. Current networks in the target markets require operation at a gigabit per second data rate.

[3] Status of the development of the PAR:

The draft PAR and CSD responses are pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at the November 2014 plenary.

Since the submission deadline for the December 9th (submittal deadline 20th October) NesCom meeting occurs prior to the date of the November IEEE 802 EC meeting, I will pre-submit this draft PAR to NesCom on the understanding that:

[a] Any changes to the draft PAR text resulting from the Plenary will be promptly communicated to the NesCom Administrator.
[b] Should the IEEE 802.3 Working Group not approve the submission, it will be removed from the IEEE 802 LMSC Executive Committee and NesCom agenda.
[c] Should the IEEE 802 LMSC Executive Committee not approve the submission, it will be removed from the NesCom agenda.

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