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[802SEC] p1906.1 nanoscale networking recommended practice sponsor ballot

Dear EC members,
I recently was reminded of a project that is about to go into sponsor ballot that some of our participants may be interested in--a Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework, see below. The WG is currently very small (the PAR states 6 individuals), so the document will benefit from some input from the wider 802 networking community. 
Please forward to your groups if you think there may be interest. 
8.1 Additional Explanatory Notes: This recommended practice encompasses an environment in which transmitters and receivers are less than a cubic micron in volume, mobile, and form ad hoc communication networks utilizing channels that include, but are not limited to, molecules that are less than a micron in diameter. Please refer to the IEEE NanoCom subcommittee for further questions related to this proposed standard. In particular, email Stephen F Bush (
You have indicated an interest in balloting IEEE Standards documents.

IMPORTANT! To participate, you must have access to myProject through an IEEE Web Account.

If you would like to participate in IEEE Standards Sponsor Ballot
Title: Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework
you must enroll as a member of the ballot group by 21-Oct-2014, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

The IEEE Communications Society Society/Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework invites you to participate in the New Sponsor Ballot for:
Title: Recommended Practice for Nanoscale and Molecular Communication Framework
Scope: This recommended practice contains a conceptual model and a standard terminology for ad hoc network communication at the nanoscale. This recommended practice also contains: (1) a definition of nanoscale networking (2) a conceptual model for ad hoc nanoscale networking (3) common terminology for nanoscale networking, including: (a) a definition of a nanoscale channel highlighting the fundamental differences from a macroscale channel (b) abstract nanoscale channel interfaces with nanoscale systems (c) performance metrics common to ad hoc nanoscale communication networks (d) a mapping between nanoscale and traditional communication networks, including necessary high level components such as a map of major components: coding and packets, addressing, routing, localization, layering, reliability.

Purpose: A common framework greatly aids in developing useful simulators for nanoscale communication. This includes interconnecting systems of multiple types of nanoscale simulators. A common abstract model enables theoretical progress to proceed from different disciplines with a common language. This framework serves as a recommended practice for additional nanoscale networking standards as industry becomes more involved.
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