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[802SEC] Coexistence and wired devices

Dear all,


The 802c CSD has in it:


“1.1.2 Coexistence

A WG proposing a wireless project shall demonstrate coexistence through the preparation of a

Coexistence Assurance (CA) document unless it is not applicable.

a) Will the WG create a CA document as part of the WG balloting process as described in

Clause 13? (yes/no)

b) If not, explain why the CA document is not applicable.\\

A CA document is not applicable because this is not a wireless project”


I believe the argument we are having is essentially a coexistence one.   Certainly two devices

on the same segment that choose the same address will coexist badly,  and that is not a

wireless behaviour.


It seems reasponable to me to see an explanation in the CSD of how the protocol interacts with

or conflicts with proposed (admittedly hard to do) and actual other MAC address assignments.

For example,  we might cite products (perhaps 20% of you are carrying one such) that do this,

and John Kenny dells me that 802.11p/wave devices all do this,  so eventually your car will be

doing it too.


Coexistence has always been seen as a wireless concern,  because it is a shared medium.

However,  at some level of the stack, you get something that behaves like a shared medium,  and

needs the same protection.


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