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Re: [802SEC] Action Item recap from previous meetings--please review and update status if possible

Action item Report:
     July 2014 Plenary - Item 4.04 - Time use in relation to tutorials
I started a discussion on the reflector - Paul has changed the action item to Lead discussion in this e-mail - it was originally that I was to just start the discussion as John D pointed out and asked that I not capture comment or summarize.
Summary of discussion and feedback: There are various opinions on the use of time during Tutorial Slot times.  Some believe that the cross WG communication is important enough to keep at least the 3 slots on Monday safe from WG meeting conflicts.  Tuesday is an optional day for tutorials, that the WG may have meetings scheduled in parallel with any Tutorial that may be held that night.  Suggestions to allow for optional WG meetings during the tutorial on a case by case bases was also suggested
The discussion quickly changed to discussion on how to get the WG more time.  Some would have the EC meet on Sunday prior for their opening, while others pointed out that WGs are using the Monday Morning time in parallel with the EC already.  A suggestion to move the Closing EC to Saturday Morning to give WG the Full Friday is another option that some would say infringes on two weekends, and is not popular.  A Suggestion to have the WG use Friday Morning for their Closing was offered, and others said that was fine for some WG, but not one to be imposed to all WG.
Bottom Line there was no clear consensus on any specific choice for change.  It may be that no change is what can be agreed to at this time.

     Oct 2014 Telecon - item 3.00 - Long Term Financial Planning and impact on Registration Fees
This has been added to the Agenda - Clint and I have talked about this and will lead a discussion during the Workshop.


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On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 10:09 AM, Paul Nikolich <> wrote:
Below is the action item recap from our previous meetings.  Please review to make sure I captured them correctly and provide a status update via the reflector if possible, otherwise we'll briefly review them during the opening EC meeting.  Thank you.
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