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[802SEC] Updated P802.1AS PAR & CSD with 802.1 comment responses



The updated P802.1AS PAR is now at:

The updated CSD can be found at:

Comments and responses to the pre-circulated P802.1AS PAR text follow:


Two edits are needed to the scope of the PAR:

1)      In accordance with discussion in the 802.1 TSN TG, the first sentence should be changed to refer to networks, rather than specifically to virtual bridged local area networks, and also to not be limited to media where the transmission delays are fixed and symmetrical.

2)      At the end of the next-to-last sentence, a period is missing.


Specifically delete the following from the first sentence of the scope:

“bridged and virtual bridged local area” and “consisting of local area network (LAN) media where the transmission delays are fixed and symmetrical”


   This comment was accepted.   



PAR, 5.6 –Stakeholder list is incomplete. List does not include any hardware vendors, only application providers. As is clear from other project information, bridge vendors, providers and users are also stakeholders. Bridge silicon vendors may also be stakeholders.


   The comment was accepted, and the suggested stakeholders added.



Please add the full name of the cited Stds in section 8.1


   The cited standards were added.


Misspelled “been” (is “ben”) 5C –Economic Feasibility – slide 8. 


  This has been corrected.




Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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