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[802SEC] Proposed PAR: P802c - Overview and Architecture - Amendment: Local Media Access Control (MAC) Address Usage

The November 802.1 plenary authorized the Local Address Study Group at the 802.1 interim to potentially draft PAR & CSD for the local address space.  The Study Group had a productive meeting per the minutes ( with the following conclusion:


The 802.1 Local Address Study Group (LASG) met for five hours over the course of three days during the January 2015 IEEE 802 Interim session in Atlanta.  During these meetings the LASG developed a PAR and CSG for recommendations on local address usage.  While this PAR is similar to that circulated to Working Group chairs during the November 2014 Plenary, it represents a considerable reworking of the text of the PAR and CSD with wider participation from members of other 802 Working Groups.  The comments received on the previous PAR were considered during the development of this PAR, however the LASG did not generate comment-by-comment responses.  The LASG requests that the Working Groups consider this as a new PAR and CSD.



As a result, I am pre-circulating the new proposed PAR for P802c as posted here:
The  new 'CSD' is here:
These are for pre-circulation to meet the 30-day requirement for March plenary EC approval to forward to NesCom.




Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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