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Re: [802SEC] URGENT - Action needed on IEEE Internet Initiative

Hello Bob,


Here’s some information on 802.11 (which will come as no surprise)


1.       802.11ah,  which is currently at the end of its WG ballot series, is intended to address IoT “sensor” like devices.   It contains specific optimizations:

a.       Operating in the 900 MHz frequency band, it achieves longer range,  but provides relatively low data rates.

b.      To enhance power-savings based on better coordination between AP and sensor device

c.       To efficiently support short data exchanges.  Data exchanges in an IoT network are typically short.

d.      To operate efficiently when there is a large imbalance between AP and non-AP device transmit power and receive sensitivity.

2.       Our “long-range low-power” initiative (currently in its very early days) will look to extend the range and reduce power consumption,  both of which are important for IoT devices.   It is too early to know what technical approaches will be used,  but it is likely to be an optional feature added to 802.11ax,  which will be the next “must have” release (i.e. after 802.11ac).  It is likely to build on the OFDMA features of 802.11ax to provide long range and low power using narrow channels and other PHY techniques.


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Subject: [802SEC] URGENT - Action needed on IEEE Internet Initiative
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Greetings all-

I have been invited to speak on a panel at a luncheon on Capital Hill, Friday, Sept 25,as part of the IEEE Internet Initiative. The full participant list is

  • Karen Bartleson, moderator
  • Geoff Mulligan
  • Oleg Logvinov
  • Bob Heile
  • Richard Bennett

The invite that went out to staffers was:

The Internet is not a single thing. It is a complex web of devices, programs, institutions, rules, and people that are being utilized in innovative and totally unexpected ways every day. Net neutrality rules place demands on the Internet that will affect different parts of this complex system uniquely. Congress needs to understand the impact these new rules could have on applications including telemedicine, real-time applications, connected vehicles, and the Internet of Things in general.

Join IEEE and the IEEE-USA, whose members helped create the Internet and many of the rules that allow it to function, for a discussion about emerging technologies and how they fit into Internet regulations.

We just had an organizational call today. The tentative agenda is:

  • 12-12:05        Introduction of topic and panelists-Karen
  • 12:05-12:15     IEEE IoT Initiative-Geoff
  • 12:15-12:25     IEEE P2413-Oleg
  • 12:25-12:35     IEEE 802 IoT activities -Bob
  • 12:35-12:45     Why this subject matters to Congress-Richard
  • 12:45-12:55     Q&A-All (Karen moderating)
  • 12:55           Wrap-up and thank you-Karen

Slides need to be in by next Weds morning ET.

What I need is a listing of what is going on in each of the 802 WGs that you think is relevant to the topic.  Please put that in the form of bullet points of activities with a BRIEF description. 10 minutes is not a lot of time. I will need this no later than the close of business Monday, Sept 21 eastern time.  I will go with what I have at that time.  Wish I could have given more lead time, but I just got off the organizational call 5 minutes ago.



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