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Re: [802SEC] Objectives for remote meeting participation

Hello Pat,


Just to make it clear what we are talking about,  there are logically three types of meeting:

1.       Purely face-to-face

2.       Purely electronic

3.       A mixture of the above


Assuming we are talking only about 3…


Some of the possible advantages of remote participation are:

·         Allow participation for those for whom travel is not possible (e.g. visa problems,  health issues,  family needs,  lack of funds)

·         Allow participation on specific topics for those who wouldn’t attend a whole session (e.g. subject matter expects who are not normally involved)

·         Encourage participation from those who are initially unsure as to whether they want to participate


Some of the possible disadvantages of remote participation are:

·         Logistical difficulties of equal access to debate (e.g., difficult to hear people in the room, more difficult to form a queue)

·         Increased time overhead (e.g. bridge setup issues,  increased dependency on often-fragile infrastructure, interruption from joining and leaving announcements “who joined the bridge?”)

·         Logistical difficulties of finding good meeting times for remote participants

·         Lack of transparency as to who is attending a meeting

·         Reduction of control of things like audio recording

·         Logistical difficulty of recording votes (if allowed) and checking voting status

·         Procedural questions related to paying meeting fee and allowing to vote


I believe the requirements should be stated so as to maximise the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.

The questions to be resolved, in my mind, are:

1.       Does the participant pay a meeting fee,  and can they vote?

2.       Is this a member’s right? – i.e. can a member demand remote access,  or is it in the gift of the chair?



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From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** [] On Behalf Of Pat Thaler
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Subject: [802SEC] Objectives for remote meeting participation


Dear Colleagues,


One of my action times resulting from the discussion of remote attendance was to begin a discussion of our objectives for enabling remote participation in face-to-face meetings. Having a clear idea of the objectives should help us in deciding on how to support remote participation.


To kick off discussion, some possible objectives are:


  • Enable remote participation from subject matter experts - especially when they are needed for a targeted discussion that isn't long enough to justify travel For example: 
    • Consideration maintenance item where people who worked on that portion of the standard aren't attending.
    • A topic that needs coordination with experts from an other organization
  • Participation by those who can attend some but not all meetings.
  • Participation in off-cycle interims - sometimes subgroups hold an extra interim to do comment resolution of recirculations or to get extra meeting time.
  • Outreach to people who can't attend meetings - e.g. to the developing world, to academics, etc. (this is one of the reasons that IETF does remote participation.

Please suggest objectives I've missed and comment on which objectives are most important.





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