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[802SEC] 802 History


I finally had an opportunity to listen to Maris Graube's talk at the 2014 Vintage Computer Faire
that you gave me the link to at:

From my view, the talk is a not good history.  A significant number of things he says have noticeable errors in major details and he has remarkably little to say about what actually went on.  Beyond saying that 802's greatest hits were Ethernet and WiFi, it is not worth much. Other histories are better even if they are thin on detail in the 1980-84 time frame.

(The YouTube video cited above does not seem to include the dates slide you sent to me.)

In thrashing around on this topic I found:
which fills in some pre-802 information.  Be sure to read the subsequent pages to get some of the early history and characters.  That text gives more insight to surrounding events.


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