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[802SEC] Fwd: Ballot Recirculation, P802.11

FYI, a sponsor recirculation ballot has just started on what I anticipate will be the final draft of the 802.11 revision.

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
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Subject: Ballot Recirculation, P802.11
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 22:20:56 GMT
From: IEEE-SA <>

To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Cc: "C/LM/WG802.11 Project Staff Liaison" <>
Subject: Ballot Recirculation, P802.11

Dear IEEE P802.11 - Balloting Group Member:

This e-mail is to advise you of the opening of IEEE Standards Sponsor Revision Ballot Recirculation - 3 for:
Title: Standard for Information Technology--Telecommunications and Information Exchange Between Systems Local and Metropolitan Area Networks--Specific Requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications
Scope: The scope of this standard is to define one medium access control (MAC) and several physical layer (PHY) specifications for wireless connectivity for fixed, portable, and moving stations (STAs) within a local area.

Purpose: The purpose of this standard is to provide wireless connectivity for fixed, portable, and moving stations within a local area. This standard also offers regulatory bodies a means of standardizing access to one or more frequency bands for the purpose of local area communication.

***** IMPORTANT *****
Since this is a recirculation ballot, you need only respond if you wish to change your initial vote. If you do not respond to this recirculation ballot, your last vote will be carried forward.  Also, as this is a recirculation ballot, please note the following:

As per the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual,  "Until the proposed standard has achieved 75% approval, comments can be based on any portion of the proposed standard. Comments not based on the proposed standard may be deemed out-of-scope of the standards balloting process by the Sponsor.

Once the proposed standard has achieved 75% approval, comments in subsequent ballots shall be based only on the changed portions of the balloted proposed standard, portions of the balloted proposed standard affected by the changes, or portions of the balloted proposed standard that are the subject of unresolved comments associated with Do Not Approve votes. If comments are not based on the above criteria, the comments may be deemed out-of-scope of the recirculation. Such comments need not be addressed in the current standards balloting process and may be considered for a future revision of the standard."

Balloters have many important responsibilities, but we would like to draw your attention to two of these responsibilities:

One of the responsibilities as a balloter is to ensure that the scope of the draft (including the scope statement in the draft, if any) is within the scope of the work authorized by the PAR. An affirmative vote indicates your agreement that the scope of the draft does not exceed the work authorized by the PAR.

(Note: It is acceptable for the scope of the draft to be less than the scope of the work authorized by the PAR.)

Another important responsibility is the obligation to comply with the IEEE-SA Patent Policy []. This is pertinent to informing the IEEE (or causing the IEEE to be informed) of the identity of the holders of any potential Essential Patent Claims that may be relevant to this draft. This does not apply if the patent claim is already the subject of an Accepted Letter of Assurance [] that applies to the draft under consideration.

For sponsor ballots of amendments and corrigenda, please contact your staff liaison if there is a need for the base standard or any approved amendments or corrigenda. Five business days are required to fulfill your request, so requests should be made as early in the ballot process as possible.

The ballot process may include communication among the Sponsor comment resolution group and Sponsor balloting group members regarding the substantive merits and possible resolution of comments. However, no comment resolution member, Sponsor balloting group member, or standards participant shall intimidate or coerce a specific vote from any Sponsor balloting group member. Please contact your staff liaison if you have any concerns.

BALLOT OPENS: 10-Aug-2016
BALLOT CLOSES: 20-Aug-2016.
No votes and/or comments will be accepted after 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on the close date. Make sure you review the document, cast your vote, and submit your comments before the closing date/time.

1. Log onto myBallot (this link will bring you directly to the "Manage myBallot Activity" screen) at
2. Locate P802.11
3. Click on the DRAFT# to open the draft/standard; click on the drop-down box to change your vote; click on the comments link (under the Actions column) to be taken to the ballot comments screen to submit your comments.

Comments submitted for IEEE-SA Sponsor ballots are contributions to IEEE standards development. By submitting comments, you agree to provide a license to the IEEE for use of your comments (see Clause 7 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws and Clause 6.1 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual.

 To view ballot comments and responses from prior circulations of the ballot (e.g., Initial Ballot, Recirculation 1, Recirculation 2, etc.):

1. Click the corresponding link in the box at the top of the page. Ensure that you scroll over to the right of the screen to view all fields.
2. If comments are truncated, click "Show All" on the comments screen.

REMEMBER: This draft is posted for your review for balloting purposes only and should not be copied or redistributed.

NOTE: If you are fulfilling coordination duties only, you will not be able to cast a vote. Coordinators can only submit comments.  Please follow the instructions above to access the document and submit your comments.

***** QUESTIONS *****
If you should have any questions about the document, please contact :
Dorothy Stanley
or the Sponsor Chair:
Paul Nikolich

***** myBallot QUESTIONS *****
If you should have questions about using myBallot, please contact the IEEE-SA Balloting Center at

NOTE: To show our appreciation of your effort, the names of all voters will be listed in the front matter of the published standard. Your vote and your contact information will *not* be included.

Thank you for your participation in this ballot.

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