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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3 PAR/CSD comment responses

Dear EC members,


IEEE 802.3 would like to thank IEEE 802.11 for their time reviewing and commenting on the IEEE P802.3cg PAR. In responses to these comments the following changes were made:


         Change 5.2.b. as shown:

         5.2.b. Scope of the project: Specify additions to and appropriate modifications of IEEE Std 802.3 to add 10 Mb/s Physical Layer (PHY) specifications and management parameters for operation, and associated optional provision of power, on single balanced twisted-pair copper cabling. Define methodology for the optional provision of power to connected Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) for use with IEEE 802.3 10 Mb/s single-pair interfaces.

         5.5 Change IEEE 802.3 to IEEE Std. 802.3

         Change 5.6 as shown:

         5.6 Stakeholders for the Standard: End-users, vendors, system integrators, and providers of systems and components (e.g., sensors, actuators, instruments, controllers, network infrastructure, user interfaces, and servers) for automotive, other transportation, industrial, factory, process, and building automation.

         8.1 – add “5.2b – IEEE Std 802.3 – IEEE Standard for Ethernet”.


An updated draft IEEE P802.3cg PAR is available at <>.


Best regards,


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