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[802SEC] liaison response to 3gpp ran1 on 802.11 energy detect

Dear EC members,

3GPP RAN1 sent a liaison request to 802 asking it to change 802.11's energy detect levels for better coexistence with 3GPP's uses of the unlicensed 5 GHz bands (LTE-LAA).

This liaison request was processed in 802.11 by the preamble detect energy detect (PDED) ad-hoc, led by Andrew Myles.

An outgoing liaison was developed and approved in 802.11 with the following motion: "The IEEE 802.11 WG approves sending the response in 11-16-1493-04 to 3GPP RAN1 in response to their request that IEEE 802.11 adopt an ED of -72dBm, granting the IEEE 802.11 WG chair editorial license.
Moved: Andrew Myles
Seconded: Jim Petranovich
Result: 94-2-28 Passes"

I therefore have approval of the 802.11 WG to send a liaison response from 802.11. I don't believe any further approvals are needed if this comes from 802.11 and clearly indicates that.

Paul indicated he'd like the response to come from 802, given that the original liaison was addressed to 802. So I will seek an EC motion to approve as a response from 802. The chair's editorial license can ensure that it appears to be an 802 response and address any editorial issues discovered by the EC.


Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Mobile: +1 (210) 268-6451 (when in USA)
Skype: adrian_stephens

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