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[802SEC] Questions on doc ec-16/186

Dear EC members,

Regarding document ec-16/186,  which contains recommendations related to the TGai dominance allegation report,
I request that the following questions be answered to address possible process ambiguities:

1.       Definition:  Special measures:  the act of counting the votes of multiple voting members as a single vote.

2.       Confirm that the WG & TG special vote is only related to TGax items.

3.       Does this affect the validity of individuals joining a sponsor ballot pool

4.       Does this apply to WG letter ballots? If a member is subject to special measures during the first WG ballot, and the entity the member is affiliated with subsequently satisfies the exit criteria,  is the member subject to special measures in subsequent recirculation ballots?

5.       Who determines when the exit criteria are met:  EC decision or WG officer decision.

6.       What evidence is necessary to determine that termination of a SIG has taken place?

7.       Or, what evidence is necessary to determine that an entity is no longer subject to special measures?

8.       Does when a company joined the SIG affect the measures applied to a company?

9.       Is the list of entities subject to special measures that defined in doc 11-16/1519r0 at section 4.1 para 5 list items a) and b))?  (18 in total)


Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
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Skype: adrian_stephens 
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