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[802SEC] Evidence of dominance notification from the 802 LMSC Sponsor to Standards Association Standards Board

Dear Jean-Philippe, IEEE Standards Association Standards Board (SASB) Chairman,
Please circulate this email notice to all SASB members.
As per " Dominance" of the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws, this email is notification the IEEE 802 LMSC Sponsor Executive Committee found "evidence of dominance exists" in the 802.11 Working Group and approved implementation of a corrective action as per <>, as specified in the 802 LMSC Sponsor approved Policies and Procedures for IEEE 802 Working Groups and Technical Advisory Groups*  3.4.1.x) Determine if the Working Group is dominated by an organization and, if so, treat that organizations’ vote as one (with the approval of the Sponsor).  The 802 EC motion is on slide 7 of the aforementioned slide deck. The motion was approved by the unconflicted members of the 802 LMSC Sponsor Executive Committee 8-yes, 0-no, 1 abstain.
The document ec-16-0186-03-00EC referenced in the motion can be accessed at <>.
--Paul Nikolich
Chairman, IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee Sponsor
copy to all members of the IEEE 802 LMSC Executive Committee via 802 EC reflector
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