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[802SEC] Amtrak Waiver Request letter to the FCC

Dear EC Members:


 The letter approved by 802.18, and submitted for approval by the EC has passed with the following results:


01) VC Pat Thaler         APP.

 02) VC James Gilb         APP.

 03) TR Clint Chaplin      APP.

 04) RS John D'Ambrosia    DNV.

 05) ES Jon Rosdahl        APP.

 06) 01 Glenn Parsons      DNV.

 07) 03 David Law          APP.

 08) 11 Adrian Stephens    APP.

 09) 15 Bob Heile          APP.

 10) 16 Roger Marks        DNV.

 11) 18 Rich Kennedy       APP.

 12) 19 Steve Shellhammer  DNV.

 13) 21 Subir Das          APP.

 14) 22 Apurva Mody        APP.

 15) 24 Tim Godfrey        APP.

 16) 20 Radhakrishna Canchi NV.

 17) ME Geoff Thompson      NV.

 18) CH Paul Nikolich      DNV.


 Thank you for attending to this. It will be submitted today via ECFS (Electronic Comment File System).


Rich Kennedy








Rich Kennedy


Director, Global Spectrum Strategy

HP Enterprise


Board Director, Dynamic Spectrum Alliance

Chair, IEEE 802.18 Radio Regulatory Technical Advisory Group

Chair Emeritus, IEEE 802.11af WLAN in TVWS

Chair, Wi-Fi Alliance Spectrum & Regulatory Task Group

(737) 202-7014


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