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[802SEC] +++ EC Consent Agenda – IEEE 802.3 items +++

Hi John,

I'd like to request the following IEEE 802.3 items be placed on the Friday consent agenda. The motions can be found in <>.

Thanks and best regards,


- IEEE P802.3-2015/Cor 1 (IEEE 802.3ce) Multilane timestamping to RevCom
- IEEE P802.3cc 25 Gb/s Ethernet over Single-Mode Fiber to Sponsor ballot
- New PAR: IEEE P802.3 (IEEE 802.3cj) Standard for Ethernet revision
- IEEE 802.3 Multi-Gig Automotive Ethernet PHY Study Group (1st re-chartering)
- Liaison letter to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6: China NB comments on IEEE 802.3 FDIS pre-ballots
- Liaison letter to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC6: China NB Comment on IEEE Std 802.3-2015 FDIS ballot
- IEEE 802.3 NEA IC activity approval and IEEE Std 802.3bv-2017 publication press releases

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