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[802SEC] FW: New ITU-T JCA-IMT2020



This is background for agenda item 8.04 on June 6th


As I mentioned at the last plenary, IEEE-SA will send an introduction to the new ITU-T JCA IMT-2020 that simply summarizes the standards activities listed with the 5G Initiative:


In addition to that, do we want to organize an IEEE 802 liaison?  Or identify a representative to this JCA from IEEE 802 or the WGs?  Or simply encourage interested folks to monitor this coordination activity?






From: Kurakova, Tatiana []
Sent: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 11:50 AM
Subject: [T13ALL] New JCA-IMT2020: subscription to the mailing list and invitation to the first meeting, 10 July


Dear All,


A new Joint Coordination Activity on IMT-2020 (JCA-IMT2020) was created by the SG13 in February 2017 as part of implementation of WTSA-16 Resolution 92 “Enhancing the standardization activities in the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector related to non-radio aspects of international mobile telecommunications”.

The scope of the JCA-IMT2020 is the coordination of the ITU-T IMT-2020 standardization work with a focus on non-radio aspects within ITU-T and the coordination of communication with standards development organizations, consortia and forums also working on IMT-2020 related standards.


On behalf of the JCA-IMT2020 chairman, Mr Scott Mansfield (Ericsson Canada) you are kindly invited to follow the activities of the group that will have its inaugural meeting on 10 July, 11:00 – 13:00, alongside the co-located rapporteur group activities of SGs 11 and 13 in Geneva. Details are made available at the JCA-IMT2020 homepage. Agenda for the first meeting may be found in the Annex 2 of the Circular 25.


If interested, please subscribe to the JCA-IMT2020 mailing list ( that is available for subscription at our Services and Subscription webpage. Mailing list can be found under ITU-T -> Other Groups -> JCA -> IMT2020.


Thank you.


Best regards,



Counsellor, ITU-T Study Group 13

“Future networks, with focus on IMT-2020, cloud computing and trusted network infrastructures” and JCA-IMT2020

International Telecommunication Union

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E-mail for JCA-IMT2020:




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