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[802SEC] +++ EC Consent Agenda - 802.1 PARs, sponsor ballot & JTC1 SC6 +++



I am requesting the following consent agenda item for Friday:


PARs to NesCom (ME)

  • P802.1ACct - Amendment: Support for IEEE Std 802.15.3
  • P802.1AC/Cor1 – Corrigendum 1: Logical Link Control (LLC) Encapsulation Ethertype    
  • 802.1ABcu - Amendment: LLDP YANG Data Model
  • 802.1AS-Rev - Timing and Synchronization for Time-Sensitive Applications
  • 802.1CBcv - Amendment: Information Model, YANG Data Model and Management Information Base Module
  • 802.1Qcc - Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements and Performance Improvements
  • 802.1Qcw - Amendment: YANG Data Models for Scheduled Traffic, Frame Preemption, and Per-Stream Filtering and Policing
  • 802.1Qcx - Amendment: YANG Data Model for Connectivity Fault Management
  • 802.1AE - Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Security


Drafts to Sponsor ballot (ME)

  • IEEE P802.1Q-rev - Bridges and Bridged Networks
  • IEEE P802.1Qcc - conditional – Stream Reservation Protocol (SRP) Enhancements and Performance Improvements
  • IEEE P802.1Qcp - conditional – YANG Data Model


Items to SC6 (ME)

  • FDIS comment responses for IEEE 802.1Q-2014/Cor 1-2015, IEEE 802.1AB-2016, IEEE 802.1Qca-2015, IEEE 802.1Qbv-2015, and IEEE 802.1AC-2016 to SC6 under PSDO
  • IEEE P802.1Qcc, P802.1Qcp, P802.1AR-Rev and P802.1Q-Rev drafts to SC6 for information under PSDO


The full motion details are on Mentor:






Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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