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[802SEC] PARs Posted

Title: PARs Posted


I have posted all PARs I have received at

That list includes –

·       802.3cg, Amendment: 10 Mb/s Operation over Single Balanced Twisted-pair Cabling and Associated Power Delivery , PAR Modification and CSD Modification

·       802.3ck - Amendment: 100 Gb/s Signaling, PAR and CSD

·       802.3cm - Amendment: 400Gb/s over MMF, PAR and CSD

·       802.11bb - Amendment:  Light Communications (LC), PAR and CSD

·       802.15.4w - Amendment: LPWA (Low Power  Wide Area),   PAR and CSD

·       802.15.4x - Amendment: FANE (Field Area Network Enhancements),    PAR and CSD

·       802.15.4y - Amendment: SECN (Security Next Generation),    PAR and CSD

·       802.15.4z - Amendment: EIR (Enhanced IR-UWB Ranging),    PAR and CSD

Please review this list, and contact me if there are any corrections needed to the shown material, or if a submitted PAR / CSD was missed.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

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