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Re: [802SEC] initial draft of 802 opening executive committee meeting -- chair's slide deck

On slides 6 and 7, reaffirmations aren't part of the standards process anymore so that line should be removed. 

Regarding the IETF SC meeting - I'm not aware of any agenda items this week. I should to be in the JTC 1 SC meeting for at least part of AM2 because one of my projects, 802c has JTC 1 comments to respond to. 

We have a joint conference call with IETF folks about a month before each plenary to go over the issues list, new proposed projects and any emerging issues. Generally that has sufficed and there haven't been issues that needed or benefited from further discussion in an SC meeting without our IETF counterparts. I suggest that my successor consider proposing a modification of the IETF SC charter to say that it's regular meetings are covered by the joint IETF / IEEE 802 coordination teleconferences and only will only schedule an IETF SC meeting at a plenary on an exceptional basis if an agenda item(s) arises that needs additional focused time. That would better align the SC description with the meetings that we have found efficiently cover the topic.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 10:02 AM, Paul Nikolich <> wrote:
Dear EC Members,

The initial draft of my opening executive committee meeting slide deck has been posted at

Please review and let me know if changes need to be made.



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