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[802SEC] P802.11aq for approval to forward to RevCom and Waiver document

Dear EC,

The 802.11 working group approved motions today to request the EC to (unconditionally) forward the project to RevCom, and to request the EC to approve a waiver on the RAC comments.

I will be bringing these motions to the closing EC.
This email is notice so that EC members have an opportunity to study the related documentation.

The report containing details of the project and unsatisfied comments may be found here:
(Note, when the report was started, conditional approval was anticipated.  The filename is a hang-on from that period).

The document containing the waiver request may be found here:

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Phone: +447342178905
Skype: adrian_stephens

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