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[802SEC] Fwd: P802.11aq RevCom submission


The deadline is now March 30 for the RAC position document.

BTW, I should inform you of my personal situation.  I had knee replacement surgery March 14.  I was off the post surgery-opioids for a couple days until last night when I had to go back on them.  I don’t think the dosage I’m taking is interfering with my thought processes, but ask you all for patience if I seem short tempered, or slow to respond.  I sincerely ask for your help/intervention if you think in any way I am acting irrationally or inappropriately in any actions.  I definitely should be back to my typical self by the RevCom call.

I gave up the walker days ago inside the house (still haul it around for outdoor walks), but I am having problems with swelling which makes sitting at a computer difficult (not really practical to get one’s leg above the heart in a chair ;-).  I’m now going to leave my chair and see what I can do on creating a rebuttal document while supine.

I really will rely on all of you to make sure we get this right, and that I fairly represent the concerns that RAC members expressed while generating our mandatory coordination comments.


Begin forwarded message:

From: Karen Evangelista <>
Subject: P802.11aq RevCom submission
Date: March 22, 2018 at 8:06:24 AM PDT
To: Dorothy Stanley <>, Bob Grow <>
Cc: grhoffman <>, Jon Rosdahl <>, Stephen McCann <>, Angela Thomas <>, Jonathan Goldberg <>, Kathryn Bennett <>, David Ringle <>, Yvette Ho Sang <>, Matthew Ceglia <>

Dear Dorothy and Bob, 

As you know, P802.11aq is on the April RevCom Continuous Processing agenda. Because of the complex nature of the project, Gary Hoffman - RevCom Chair, is asking the Chair of WG P802.11aq to post a position statement in layman’s terms to the RevCom agenda on the key points on why RevCom should consider recommending the waiver for approval. In addition, the RevCom Chair is asking the RAC Chair to post a position statement in layman’s terms to the RevCom agenda why RevCom should consider recommending disapproval of the waiver. The RevCom Chair is asking both groups to have these documents posted by 30 March 2018.
Further, the discussion of P802.11aq may take some time and the RevCom Chair has asked to move P802.11aq to the last project on the agenda. The rational is that there are 10 other projects on the continuous process agenda and the RevCom Chair wants to ensure that Sponsors submitting projects without extenuating circumstances be reviewed and recommendation made about the disposition of these 10 projects. We will also have a hard stop at 11:00 AM.
Finally, the RevCom Chair wants to advise you that business and disposition of the waiver will be conducted in executive session. Prior to executive session, the P802.11aq Chair or the designee will be given a defined period of time to speak on why RevCom should consider approving the waiver. The RAC Chair or the designee will be given the same defined amount of time to speak against why RevCom should consider disapproving the waiver. The set time may be as little as three minutes for each side depending on the time left. After each side speaks, we will open the floor only to RevCom Members to ask questions of either side for a period of time not exceeding 15 minutes. This will be followed by no more than five minutes each by the P802.11aq and the RAC sides to make their closing statements. Only one person may speak on behalf of P802.11aq and the RAC. At the conclusion of the closing statements, RevCom will enter into executive session to deliberate on the waiver.
Once RevCom has decided on the waiver, RevCom will return to open session where the RevCom Chair will report out its recommendation on the waiver. Once the waiver is decided, RevCom will consider its recommendation in open session on project P802.11aq.

Thank you. 

Best regards, 
Karen M. Evangelista
Program Manager, IEEE-SA Governance
IEEE Standards Association
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141 USA
Tel: +1 732 562 3854

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