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Re: [802SEC] +++ EC Motion+++ Approval of FCC Google waiver comments on increased power in the 5GHz band, filling due by 11 April 2018




At 01:42 PM 3/30/2018 +0000, Holcomb, Jay wrote:
Dear EC Members,
I would like to announce the start of an EC motion on comments to the FCC on Googles request for waiver for more power out in the 57-64GHz band.
Paul has delegated to me to conduct the EC electronic ballot on the motion below. The FCC filing deadline is 11 April 2018 so a 10 day ballot will work.
This EC motion is per 802 OM 7.2 Procedure for communication with government bodies.
Motion:  Move to approve the comments in ; to Googles request for waiver (FCC ET Docket No. 18-70) of section 15.255(c)(3) of the FCC rules for their interactive motion sensing in the 57-64 GHz band, to increase the allowed power.  With the chair of 802.18 to have editorial privileges and for submission to the FCC by 11 April 2018. 
Approved in the TAG:  7/0/0
Mover:   Jay Holcomb
Seconder:        Dorothy Stanley
Start of ballot: 30 March 2018
Close of ballot: 09 April 2018
Note: TAG approved r02, I added footnote 1 and other editorial cleanups for r03. 
Jay Holcomb
Itron, Inc.
IEEE 802.18 Chair
for reference, the FCC PN and Googles study:

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