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Re: [802SEC] ZTE


Your use of the phrase "additional guidance" implies that we currently have guidance that we can act on.
I do not believe that is the case.

I believe 802 has participants who are employed by ZTE in China and/or the US.
By virtue of their (a) paid attendance, (b) subscription to our e-mail reflectors, participation in our (c) open meetings and/or (d) conference calls and (e) access to files on our servers, password-protected or not, we are not equipped to deny them access to our products which are participation and non-proprietary technical information.

Items (b), (d) and (e) are ongoing activities.
Our next face to face meeting (c) in the US is in Pittsburgh for 802.1 and 802.3 the week of May 21.  We have most likely already accepted paid registration from ZTE employees for that meeting.
What actions are we supposed to take within the bounds of the IEEE P&P that are different from what we have been doing all along that will meet your 'guidance" on this issue?
If there are changes required, when will we be notified of the specific changes?
When will we have to implement those changes?

Thank you.


Geoffrey O. Thompson
IEEE 802 Executive Committee
GraCaSI Standards Advisors
Mountain View, CA 94043-5286

On May 7, 2018, at 4:49 AMPDT, Yvette Ho Sang <> wrote:

Dear 802EC Members:

IEEE continues to evaluate the impact of the Department of Commerce order and has taken the appropriate steps to comply. We will contact you if there is additional guidance.


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