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Re: [802SEC] +++ECM+++ Sponsor electronic ballot: disbanding the 802.20 working group


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On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 2:23 PM, Paul Nikolich <> wrote:
Dear EC Members,

All 802.20 standards were withdrawn by SASB as of 7 May 2018. We may now proceed to disband the hibernating 802.20 working group per the 802 P&P 5.2.2 Disbanding a WG (see text below).  This requires a 30 day minimum duration Sponsor electronic ballot.  Since this electronic ballot is an action specified in the 802 P&P, I do not believe a motion/mover/seconder is needed.  Therefore, I am initiating the electronic ballot via this email, the ballot will close 10 June 2018 AOE.

Please cast your vote, I will keep the tally and announce the result at the end of the balloting period.



5.2.2 Disbanding a WG
After all standards, recommended practices, and technical reports for which a hibernating WG is responsible are withdrawn or transferred to another group or groups, a Sponsor electronic ballot of 30 days minimum duration shall be conducted to determine whether the hibernating WG is to be disbanded. If the Sponsor electronic ballot on disbanding the group passes, the WG is disbanded. If the ballot fails, then the Sponsor Chair shall determine a future date when the disbanding of the group may be re-balloted.

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