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[802SEC] P802.1Qcc to RevCom, conditional approval report



I previously sent a conditional approval report for this project.  Unfortunately, after submission, a technical error was found and had to be corrected. The draft has been recirculated with the corrected content.  This is the revised report.


On 9 March, the EC granted conditional approval to forward P802.1Qcc to RevCom. Here is the report, per OM Clause 12.

a)            The process proceeded as scheduled. The second recirculation ran from 10 March - 20 March. There were no comments. The third recirculation ran from 3 May – 13 May.  There was one comment from staff, stating that the draft met all editorial requirements.

b)            The approval rate is 100% (64/0/2). No Disapprove votes or Disapprove comments were submitted during the recircs. There are no disapprove votes.

c)            No changes are being made to the draft as a result of the recirculation ballot.

Having met the conditions, we are proceeding to RevCom for consideration at the June RevCom meeting.  I attach the ballot summary report for your information.


            -- John Messenger




John Messenger

Director, Global Standards

ADVA Optical Networking Ltd

ADVAntage Houe, Tribune Way, York YO30 4TN, UK


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