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[802SEC] IEEE 802.3cn draft PAR and CSD response - 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s Single-Mode Fiber and DWDM systems PHYs

Dear EC members,

In support of subclause 9.2 'IEEE 802 LMSC Approval' of the LMSC Operations Manual please find below the required information in respect to the IEEE 802.3cn Standard for Ethernet Amendment: Physical Layers and Management Parameters for 50 Gb/s, 100 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s Operation over Single-Mode Fiber and DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexing) systems PAR for consideration at the July 2018 plenary.

Best regards,

[1] Draft PAR and CSD responses:

Draft PAR: <> 
CSD responses: <>

[2] Explanatory technical background material:

Optical solutions targeting greater than 10 km over single-mode fiber will address the bandwidth requirements of mobile backhaul networks fueled by consumer video.

Optical solutions targeting greater than 10 km over a DWDM system will address the bandwidth growth and reach requirements of Cable/MSO (multiple system operator) distribution networks, mobile backhaul networks, and interconnect for distributed data centers where reaches greater than 10 km are required, or where fiber availability drives the need for multiple instances of Ethernet over a DWDM system.

[3] Status of the development of the PAR:

The draft PAR and CSD responses are pending IEEE 802.3 Working Group approval at the July 2018 plenary.

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