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[802SEC] New subclauses for LMSC P&P


During the ad-hoc call, we came to consensus on the language below for dominance and the ombudsman.

1) For dominance, some of the text is base on our superior rules (i.e., that suspected dominance is reported promptly to SASB) 2) We decided to add the Ombudsman as a non-voting member of the EC. Hence, the term, appointment, etc., is already covered in the text for other non-voting members.

If you have any comments on the text, please send them to the reflector for discussion so we can achieve agreement prior to Bangkok.


James Gilb


10.0 Dominance

If a Sponsor Subgroup Chair suspects that an authorized activity is potentially dominated, as defined in the IEEE Standards Board Bylaws, or receives a complaint of dominance, that Sponsor Subgroup Chair shall report the complaint or suspicion the Sponsor Chair. The Sponsor Chair shall promptly notify the Chair of the IEEE SASB of the suspicion or complaint.

The Sponsor Subgroup Chair shall then investigate the suspicion or complaint and present a report to the Sponsor with recommend actions(s). The Sponsor Subgroup Chair may appoint a panel to perform the investigation and prepare the report.

If the Sponsor determines that an authorized activity is dominated, the Sponsor may direct that the votes of individuals in the dominating party shall be treated as a single vote for the purpose of that activity. The Sponsor Chair shall notify the Chair of the IEEE SASB of the action.

If the Sponsor determines that other actions should be taken in response to the dominance of an authorized activity, the proposed actions shall be forwarded by the Sponsor Chair to the Chair of the IEEE SASB for consideration. The actions will take effect only if approved by the IEEE SASB.

The Sponsor Chair shall update the Chair of the IEEE SASB after every plenary, at a minimum, regarding the action until its conclusion.

11.0 Sponsor Ombudsman

The Sponsor Chair may appoint a volunteer to be the Sponsor Ombudsman. The Sponsor Ombudsman should have experience working with the IEEE SASB. The Sponsor Ombudsman shall serve as a confidential information resource, communications channel, complaint handler and dispute resolver.

A brief notice, giving the contact method and purpose of the Sponsor Ombudsman, shall be posted on the IEEE 802 website.

A copy of all IEEE 802 LMSC-related complaints received by the Sponsor or any Sponsor Subgroup should be sent to the Sponsor Ombudsman. A standard form should be generated that indicates: the name and contact information of the participant, the nature of the complaint, and any action taken in response to the complaint.

Participants are invited to write directly to the Sponsor Ombudsman if they have reason to believe their original complaint has not received the attention it deserves. The Sponsor Ombudsman is responsible for:
1.            immediately acknowledging receipt of the complaint,
2. investigating the nature of the complaint and suggesting action(s) that may help rectify the problem, 3. responding to the participant with details of the actions taken and inviting the participant to correspond further if either this action does not solve the problem or if participant still remains dissatisfied.

The Sponsor Ombudsman shall report to the Sponsor at each plenary session.

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