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[802SEC] Consent Agenda Items Requests

Title: Consent Agenda Items Requests


I have received the following requests –

802.1 Glenn Parsons

1.      Items contained within EC-18-0221-00

802.3 David Law

1.      Forward IEEE P802.3cp to NesCom

2.      Forward IEEE P802.3cs to NesCom

3.      Forward IEEE P802.3ca PAR modification

4.       Forward IEEE P802.3ca PAR extension

5.      NEA ICAID

6.      First Recharter IEEE 802.3 10Gb/s, 25Gb/s, and 50Gb/s Bidirectional Access Optical PHYs Study Group

7.      First Recharter SuperPon Study Group

802.11: Dorothy Stanley

1.      Approve forwarding P802.11bc PAR to NesCom

2.      Approve P802.11bc CSD documentation

3.      Approve forwarding P802.11bd PAR documentation

4.      Approve P802.11bd CSD documentation

5.      Grant the first Study Group recharter of the 802.11 Extremely High Throughput Study Group.

6.      Grant the second Study Group recharter of the 802.11 Broadcast Services (BCS) Study Group

7.      Grant the second Study Group recharter of the 802.11 Next Generation V2X (NGV) Study Group

8.      Liaison to 3GPP/3GPPSA

9.      forward IEEE Std 802.11ak-2018, IEEE Std 802.11aq-2018 and IEEE Std 802.11aj-2018
to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 for ratification under the PSDO agreement

802.19: Steve Shellhammer

1.      approve the P802.19.3 PAR and CSD

If you do not see your request, please contact me.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

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