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[802SEC] Fwd: Next 802.18 comments, ACMA consultation includes 60GHz and DoT comments update

Hello EC members,

Per my earlier email, we have 2 sets of comments with the goal to be finalizing Thursday and I will ask for EC votes after that.


The comments are still being worked on, though thinking the short time frame any inputs before Wednesday night 802.18 could try to get in before our final version Thursday.


Here is the link to the DoT Request for Comments on V2X.  We were not able to get text on all the questions, though did on many and most importantly question 2 that is a main point we want to get to the DoT on where we are on 802.11bd.

And here is the link on the ACMA consultation that is in good shape:


enjoy your days,

Jay Holcomb


---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Jay Holcomb <>
Date: Fri, Feb 1, 2019 at 4:55 AM
Subject: Next 802.18 comments, ACMA consultation includes 60GHz and DoT comments update
To: <>

Hello EC members,

For 802.18’s next possible comments, we are reviewing a consultation from the ACMA (Australia).



      [1] The proposed variation considers updating and expending 60 GHz arrangements (57-66 GHz) for data communication systems, including 5G. Specifically:

      adding 66-71 GHz frequency band

      updating existing arrangement in 57-66 GHz regarding indoor and outdoor data communication systems.

[2] adding new arrangements for "All transmitters" in the 57-64 GHz band.

[3] revising arrangements for underground transmitters in certain bands supporting fixed and mobile services between 70-520 MHz.

[4] adding support for higher power radiodetermination transmitters i.e. radars operating in the 76-77 GHz frequency band [5] adding support for ground and wall penetration radar as adjunct to current apparatus licence arrangements (30-12400 MHz) [6] aligning existing arrangements for ultra-wideband devices with US and European arrangements for generic (indoor and hand-held) devices (3100-3400 MHz  and 8500-9000 MHz) and aircraft applications (6000-8500 MHz).

      And further inputs from members:

      Proposed UWB rules look to be positive.

      Supporting the mmWave band expansion, considering both 802.11 and 802.15.3 systems are being implemented and deployed which the expanded 60 GHz band.

      May also want to look at [2] above to see if there are any negative impacts on the 802.11 and 802.15.3 mmWave based systems.


Reference items:

      For more details see IFC 45/2018 Class licensing updates: Supporting 5G and other technology innovations  (18 December 2018, closes 22 February 2019).

      The three documents are on Mentor:


Comments are currently due 22 February, which means we need to approve in .18 by our teleconference on 14 February, for a 5 day early close ballot request.

latest draft comments:




#2 - DoT Request for Comments, original info sent out on 13 January


On the DoT official site is an unofficial (due to shutdown) announcement of a 30 day extension that IEEE 802.18 is going to take advantage of.  This makes it 24 February (so far), which makes our goal to have comments approved in .18 also by our teleconference on 14 February, for a 5 day early close ballot request.


We did gather a few points at the Interim for the comments, see document:



Yes, with current dates, both comments could be going through EC at the same time.  I will send out status of the draft comments as appropriate.




If anyone sees points in the consultations along with any text we might consider for the IEEE 802 comments, to pass along as the comments are being worked on could be helpful.



That was again very busy, if you have questions or suggestions on this, please let me know.


Jay Holcomb
IEEE 802.18
Itron, Liberty Lake (Spokane), WA

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