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[802SEC] temporary appointments to 802.1 leadership positions

Dear EC Members,


Just the other day, Glenn Parsons, the 802.1 WG Chair, informed me he is not available to chair the WG while recovering from an injury.  Therefore, effective immediately, I appoint the 802.1 WG Vice Chair, John Messenger, to serve as the temporary 802.1 WG Chair and I appoint the 802.1 Recording Secretary, Jessy Rouyer, to serve as the temporary 802.1 WG Vice-Chair while John is in the temporary 802.1 WG Chair position.  Thank you to John and Jessy for their support of the WG and Glenn.






relevant IEEE 802 WG P&P:  3.2 Temporary Appointments to Vacancies

If an office other than the Chair or Vice Chair becomes vacant for any reason (such as resignation, removal, lack of nomination at an election), a temporary appointment shall be made by the Chair for a period of up to six months. In the case of Chair or Vice Chair, the Sponsor Chair shall make the temporary appointment, with input from the Working Group. An appointment or election for the vacated office shall be made in accordance with the requirements in Clause 3.0 and 3.1 at the earliest practical time.

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