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[802SEC] Fw: Nikolich comments on 802.11 EHT PAR

Dear EC Members,

Please see my comments to the 802.11 WG regarding the EHT draft PAR below.



------ Forwarded Message ------
From: "Paul Nikolich" <>
To: "Stanley, Dorothy" <>; "Jon Rosdahl" <>; "Robert Stacey" <>; "Cariou, Laurent" <>; "Michael Montemurro" <>
Sent: 3/11/2019 10:58:44 PM
Subject: Nikolich comments on 802.11 EHT PAR

Dear 802.11 Working Group,

My comments on the EHT PAR are as follows:

1) In 5.5 Need for the Project: it may be helpful to specify the specific each of the minimum data rate requirements for the various applications, e.g., 4k and 8k video, virtual reality, etc. 

2) In 5.5 Need for the Project: latency, stringent real-time delay and jitter are identified, but quantitative objectives are not specified. Perhaps quantifying objectives for these parameters in 5.2.b Scope of the project will be helpful, similar to the at least 30 Gbps  maximum throughput requirement identified in 5.2.b.

3) 5.2.b: Please consider replacing "legacy IEEE802.11 devices" with "legacy devices compliant with IEEE 802.11-2016, etc.*" and "IEEE802.11ax devices" with "devices compliant with the ratified version of P802.11ax".
*add the relevant ratified amendments for this project.  The intent of this comment is for the proposed project to consider being as specific as is practical regarding backwards compatibility.

4) 8.1: Please consider spelling out all the acronyms to help the IEEE Standards Association New Standards Committee members that are not familiar with 802.11 nomenclature better understand this section.

Thank you and regards,


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