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[802SEC] Meeting Space Information for the 2019 July 802 Plenary at the Austria Center Vienna

   I have spoken or exchanged emails with many of you, and I guess I have not posted an official notification of the Meeting Arrangements for the Plenary to the reflector.

During the 2019 March 802 Plenary in Vancouver, I showed a version of the attached file that showed the Major allocations of space.
Attached is an updated spreadsheet with MACRO Assignments at the Austria Center Vienna that I used for making the reservations at the conference center.
This will be used in matching your requests for meetings in July.

Note that Priority was given to the requirements given during our Meeting in Vancouver last March.

We determined then that we would not have a Tutorial because at the time, there was not a definite plan to be able to have a room large enough for the tutorial on Monday night.  The 802 LMSC was informed during the Closing EC Plenary that there would be no Tutorial, and that the WGs could use Monday Evening for WG meetings. (see doc EC-19/32r3:

After the April Site Visit, we determined that we would be able to use the Conference center for all our meeting needs, and would not need to use the Melia Hotel for any space  for the IEEE 802 Plenary.

However, the Coexistence Workshop that requires a separate registration and badge to attend is going to be held at the Melia. (  The Workshop is not sponsored by the IEEE 802, but rather has 3 sponsors (HPE, Quantenna, and IEEE Wireless Treasury). 

I have tried to be as accommodating and responsive as possible. 
The traditionally early morning 7am or 7:30 am  (Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday) meetings are able to be accommodated, in-spite of the push back from the conference center. However, we will not be adding any more meetings earlier than 8am.

For the Evenings, originally we were told we could not keep the center open after 6pm, but we have determined that we could on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Again, we will not be adding too much to what we have already reserved.
(802 EC Boardroom - 12 person board room - Sunday until 21:30;
802.1 - 60pax - Monday and Tuesday until 20:00;
802.3 - 250pax - Monday and Tuesday until 21:30;
802.11 - 30pax - Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Thursday until 21:30;
802.11 - 250pax - Monday and Tuesday until 21:30;
802.15 - 70pax - Tuesday until 21:30 and Thursday until 20:30;
802.18/.19/.21 - 30pax - Tuesday until 21:30)

For Friday, we have the 802.11 closing Plenary, the 802 EC Boardroom in the morning(08:00-12:00), the 802 Closing Plenary in the afternoon (13:00-18:00) and an IEC/IEEE 60802 joint project meeting all day (08:00-18:00).  We have to be out of the building by 6:30pm.  The incremental costs for space/AV/food etc. were not excessive, but not zero.

Note that if we want to save some money, we should be more circumspect on the max set size of the rooms.  If you really have a room that will never have more than 60 people, then we do not want to arbitrarily set it to be size 100.

I hope that this clarifies a bit what to expect for the meeting space in Vienna.  The property is really a nice facility, but it is not a hotel property.

I have to set the final room sizes by June 14th, so if in your requests you were a bit more liberal with your estimates than you really need, please let Dawn/Lisa/Me know as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

Jon Rosdahl                 Engineer, Senior Staff
office: 801-492-4023      Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
cell:   801-376-6435      10871 North 5750 West
                                   Highland, UT 84003

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