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[802SEC] 802 Ombudsman Appointment Announcement

Dear EC Members,

I am pleased to announce Guido Hiertz has accepted my request to serve as the 802 Ombudsman. The appointment is effective as of today, 07 June 2019.  I have worked closely with Guido for several years and have great respect for his contributions to IEEE 802 LMSC, the Standards Association and the IEEE in general.

Guido has been an active IEEE 802 participant since 2003. He is also actively involved with the IEEE Standards Association leadership as a Standards Board member and serving on several of the SASB sub-committees. He is affiliated and employed by Ericsson GmbH and based in Germany.

In the role as the 802 Ombudsman Guido will provide an essential service to our participants to act as a confidential and informal information resource, communications channel, complaint-handler and dispute-resolver, and a person who helps our organization work for change. 

I want to give 802 Ombudsman position more visibility than we have in the past, so please share this announcement with your groups via email and during your opening plenary meetings at 802 plenary sessions..



Additional details about the role are at  

note: currently the 802 Ombudsman is not an 802 EC member, but in the future it may become a non-voting 802 EC member position.  The proposed new 802 LMSC P&P text regarding the Ombudsman role is pending Standards Board approval. The proposed text is as follows:

11.0 Standards Committee Ombudsman
The Standards Committee Chair may appoint a volunteer to be the Standards Committee Ombudsman.  The Standards Committee Ombudsman should have experience working with the IEEE SASB.  The Standards Committee Ombudsman shall serve as a confidential information resource, communications channel, complaint handler and dispute resolver.
A brief notice, giving the contact method and purpose of the Standards Committee Ombudsman, shall be posted on the IEEE 802 website.
A notification of all complaints related to IEEE 802 or a subgroup received by the Standards Committee or any Standards Committee Subgroup should be sent to the Standards Committee Ombudsman.  A standard form should be generated that indicates: the name and contact information of the participant, the nature of the complaint, and any action taken in response to the complaint.
Participants are invited to write directly to the Standards Committee Ombudsman if they have reason to believe their original complaint has not received the attention it deserves or if they prefer to bring the concern confidentially to a neutral party.  The Standards Committee Ombudsman is responsible for:
1.    acknowledging receipt of the complaint in a timely manner,
2.    confidentially discussing the issue with the concerned participant,
3.    confidentially investigating the nature of the complaint if requested by the participant,
4.    suggesting action(s) to the concerned participant that may help rectify the problem,
5.    responding to the participant with details of any action(s) taken and inviting the participant to correspond further if either these action(s) does not solve the problem or if participant still remains dissatisfied.
The Standards Committee Ombudsman shall report to the Standards Committee at each plenary session.

4.2 Non-voting Membership
The Standards Committee may include the following Non-Voting Members:
•    Members Emeritus
•    Chairs of Hibernating WGs
•    Chairs of subgroups created by the Standards Committee
•    Standards Committee Ombudsman
Non-voting members are appointed by the Standards Committee Chair. Appointment to each non-voting membership position is subject to confirmation by the Standards Committee. The term for each of these positions ends at close of the first plenary session of each even numbered year.
Non-voting members, prior to confirmation are required to file a letter of endorsement, as described in 4.3.
A Non-Voting Member may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Voting Members of the Standards Committee. Grounds for removal shall be included in any motion to remove a Non-Voting Member. The Non-Voting Member suggested for removal shall be given an opportunity to make a rebuttal prior to the vote on the motion for removal.

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