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Re: [802SEC] Reciprocal attendance credit process review



                Here are my observations about how the reciprocal voting rights are working for 802.19.  These are not specifically responding to any of your three questions directly. You can take these as comments about how it is working currently in 802.19 and not an indication of any need to change.


I will observe that the rules make it reasonably easy for a person to maintain voting rights in one WG (e.g. 802.19), while still mostly attending their home WG (e.g. 802.11/802.15).   For the case of 802.19 that is probably a good thing since we want to encourage participation from these other WGs.  We do have a method of dropping voters if they do not vote on letter ballots and also in the case of 802.19 voting on CA document ballots.  So far this has avoided the problem of low voter response on ballots.  So I believe at the moment it is working okay.  I will note that once a person has voting rights in 802.19 they can keep those rights just by attending their home WG (e.g. 802.11/802.15) so we do have people with voting rights in 802.19 who have not attended 802.19 in person in a while, but they do participate in ballots.





From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List ***** <> On Behalf Of Jay Holcomb
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2019 3:57 PM
Subject: [802SEC] Reciprocal attendance credit process review


Hello all,


Per the agenda item in the June EC teleconference, there was an ask to review the reciprocal attendance credit process.  For example, is it okay as is, are there updates that would help, any further clarity/interpretation we should publish somewhere so we are consistent across all groups (both home and target), or …


To help guide/simplify the data gathering here are 3 questions.



      Is there anything with the reciprocal attendance credit you would like clarified?



      Is there anything you would like changed with the reciprocal attendance credit?



      Anything else about the reciprocal attendance credit to be considered?



If you can have inputs back by thursday, 27 June, that allows 2+ weeks before the Vienna Rules meeting and/or the EC Opening session, that I can work with James to identify and put together the inputs for some possible discussion ahead and in Vienna. 




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