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Re: [802SEC] Update - Visibility Program Presentation


I have done some tweaking on your slide 4, 
hopefully to make it more directly relevant to the general & non-technical public outside the standards community
Here is my proposed, revised text, for discussion of course.

We invite our audience to see how 802 has created
the hyper-connected world of today through a virtual
reality experience, starting with the inception of
the IEEE 802 project.

Throw the rest away and start over
- State of communication in 1980 (typewriters, telephones, TV, newspapers)
- Add Ethernet and PCs for e-mail & laser printing for business
- Add bulletin board systems & newsgroups for individuals
- Add web browser &  World Wide Web
- Add wireless LAN and PoE
- Add iPhone
Demonstrate how 802 will continue to affect technology of the future though perhaps not as visibly but certainly in the infrastructure.

(Remainder starting w/ "Interactive" is unchanged.  However I believe we need to use understandable terminology about the divisions to start each explanation and end up w/ the WG identification.)

See you on the call.

Best regards,


On Oct 1, 2019, at 8:54 AMPDT, John DAmbrosia <jdambrosia@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

Please note I have uploaded an update to the Public Visibility Program Proposal that will be discussed on today’s call.
John D’Ambrosia

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