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[802SEC] temporary 802.15 WG Chair appointment -- Rick Alfvin

Dear EC Members,

The 802.15 WG Chair, Bob Heile, is not able to attend the November plenary session, and the 802.15 WG 1st Vice Chair, Patrick Kinney is not available this week either, therefore I appoint the the 802.15 WG 2nd Vice Chair, Rick Alfvin, to serve as the temporary 802.15 WG Chair, effective immediately. This notice supersedes my previous notice appointing Kinney to serve as temporary WG Chair. 

Rick, per the 802 P&P* I'm supposed to get 'input from the WG', there isn't time for that in this instance, therefore I request you obtain confirmation of the appointment from the 802.15 WG at next week's session.

Thank you and regards,


*802 WG P&P 6.3 Temporary appointments to vacancies. 
If an office becomes vacant due to resignation, removal, lack of nomination at an election or for another reason, a temporary appointment shall be made for a period of up to six months. In the case of Chair or Vice-Chair, the Sponsor Chair shall make the temporary appointment, with input from the WG.

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