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[802SEC] Friday Meeting - EC Agenda


There have been a number of emails about Friday’s EC meeting and whether motions during the call would be appropriate or not.  In particular, Mr. Gilb noted he will file an appeal for every action that was taken on the call.


I also have my concerns about the validity of motions during this call, and furthermore, have yet to see any justification for why an action has to be taken at this meeting.  Everything that is within this group’s ability at this time can be handled via an email ballot.  Furthermore, this group has demonstrated the ability it can move quickly on an email ballot.  I note – that no one has voiced any concerns about addressing actions via an email ballot.   


With that in mind – I am informing all individuals who may consider bringing a motion forward for consideration for action at the Friday EC meeting that I will vote “DISAPPROVE” on any such motions brought forward.


Please note that this does not mean that I would vote no if the motion were being considered via an email ballot.   


Given the on-going challenges facing this group and what we need to address, I believe there are better ways for us to use our time productively.  For example, I would suggest that for Friday’s call it would be useful for the group to allocate time to review any atypical or potentially controversial

motions that might be addressed via an email ballot. 




John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC





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